Shoes for men in Trinidad and Tobago

A Man

On A Mission

Meet Mr. Kenwin Small

"I want men in Trinidad and Tobago with a high insteps, flat, broad or abnormally long feet to have comfortable and stylish dress shoes to wear
no matter the occasion."

Custom-Made Italian Leather Shoes For Men

"Every man wants respect, and it's disrespectful to be told to 'wear the shoe box!' Not every occasion calls for sneakers or slippers and certainly not shoe boxes. People respect you a lot more when you are dressed properly,
and as men that's what we want.

Shoes for men In Trinidad and Tobago

"My homies and I struggled for years to get dress shoes to fit us because we all had some issue surrounding the shape of our feet that impeded the level of comfort we personally needed."

But, he also realized they weren't the only ones in this situation and as a result was motivated to find a solution for who he now calls d' Cru.

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Spain is the mecca for variety in dress shoes for men, but foremost, comfort was his main concern.

And since the old way of doing things no longer applied to men in his situation, a different approach was necessary.

Shoes for men in Trinidad and Tobago

...Made in Almansa Spain

Shoes for men in Trinidad and Tobago

"Since creating Cru Nonpareil...  

Motivated by his conviction that all men should always be fully dressed like gentlemen, despite the physical set backs surrounding their feet, Kenwin caught the eye of Loop news. His designs have also caught the eye of a few more prominent public figures.

Representative for Tunapuna
Maurice Downes

UNC Senator
Saddam Hosein

Interview Kenwin To Learn How His Approach
Is Turning Dreams Of  "Variety & Comfort" Into Reality!