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Natural Cedar Shoe Trees

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One of the most important element of every shoe investment is a good pair of shoe trees.

Shoe trees are a true essential in extending the longevity of your investment for all the right reasons. Our Shoe Trees are made from cedarwood for good reasons.

  • They help keep the shape of your shoes and minimizes creasing of the leather. No more Banana or Plain shaped dress shoes!
  • They help absorb moisture from sweat, ensuring the shoes inner lining is dried that can cause cracking of the lining. It also helps with the fight against odors that can cause foot related funguses.
  • Helps cleaning and polishing maintenance of your shoes a much easier task by giving stability and grip when polishing or shining your dress shoes.

Please Note. These can only be ordered when you add them to your cart, along with your favorite Cru Nonpareil Shoes/Boots. We will send the correct size shoe tree that corresponds with shoe/boot size chosen.

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