Size Guide

Those that have worn Cru Nonpareil shoes would say it runs ‘true to size’ of course it depends on the last. Our shoes have a generous instep, but forefoot width (narrow vs wide) varies depending on the lasts.

Cru Nonpareil shoes have a very standard fit when compared to most other dress shoe brands. Our sizes are all based on the US standard, which is ‘D’ a ‘medium’ width being the equivalent of the UK ‘E’ width. If you have been wearing size US 9 then you should expect a US size 9 to fit in Cru Nonpareil shoes.

However one must take into account that loafers will fit differently from an oxford and oxfords will fit differently from derbies. This is to say while you may feel good in the fit of an oxford; the same size may feel loose in a derby due to the extra room in the instep created from the open lacing. Please note this has nothing to do with the last but more to do with the nature of the models in dress shoes. Understanding this will help you choose your size more accurately.

•    The insteps of our shoes can be considered generous.
•    The suede models will feel more generous than leather in the same model.
•    If you wear your oxfords snug, then half size up for your boots. However, we recommend for most to take the same size as your oxfords.