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A Guide To Our Last

At Cru Nonpareil, we construct shoes on a wide variety of Last. Lasts are foot-shaped forms that provide shoemakers with a foundation for building a shoe. The last used during shoe assembly can affect the overall fit of a shoe, as well as, of course, the aesthetics and final look.

Those that have worn Cru Nonpareil shoes would say it runs ‘true to size’ of course it depends on the last. Our shoes have a generous instep, but forefoot width (narrow vs wide) varies depending on the lasts.

Cru Nonpareil shoes have a very standard fit when compared to most other dress shoe brands. Our sizes are all based on the US standard, which is ‘D’ a ‘medium’ width being the equivalent of the UK ‘E’ width. If you have been wearing size US 9 then you should expect a US size 9 to fit in Cru Nonpareil shoes.

However one must take into account that loafers will fit differently from an oxford and oxfords will fit differently from derbies. This is to say while you may feel good in the fit of an oxford; the same size may feel loose in a derby due to the extra room in the instep created from the open lacing. Please note this has nothing to do with the last but more to do with the nature of the models in dress shoes. Understanding this will help you choose your size more accurately.

•    The insteps of our shoes can be considered generous.
•    The suede models will feel more generous than leather in the same model.
•    If you wear your oxfords snug, then half size up for your boots. However, we recommend for most to take the same size as your oxfords.







Zurigo Last




The Zurigo last is the most traditional fitting last. This last has a Rounded/Almond shape toe for a more traditional English look. This last has a robust appearance that is roomy and relaxed giving a lot more wiggle room for the toes and still maintaining a snug fit. It is what most would consider ‘true to size; and as the first last we developed, we always recommend it to anyone looking for their first pair of Cru Nonpareil shoes.


Savile Last

The Savile last is our second last; it is a last that comes from a place of being more aesthetically pleasing to most. Our Savile last is a sleek-looking aesthetic with a slight chisel toe and subtle swoop. The last is what most would consider ‘true to size due to it being created with the same heel to ball foot ratio, only the shape of the toe was changed, thus ensuring the standard arch fit and snug fit of the Zurigo Last.

The Savile last is our most loved last and is perfect for weddings, banquets, or any number of formal occasions where a good pair of Oxfords or your favorite style would do the trick 


Monti Last

The Monti last is our second last; it is a last that features a soft square and a slightly elongated look. . The last is what most would consider Italian inspired; Due to its elongated fit, we advise that you size up 0.5. For example, if you are a size US size 10 in Allen Edmonds shoes you should order a size 10.5 in Cru Nonpareil shoes on the Monti last.

The Monti last is our newest last and is perfect for weddings, banquets, or any number of formal occasions where a good pair of Oxfords or Split Toe Derby looks great on this last. 

Belgravia Last 

The Belgravia last is our Newest last; the last comes from a place of being more aesthetically pleasing. Our Belgravia last has an elegant chisel toe with flat angled sides that taper towards the toe with a sloping vamp and soft square toe, a narrow waist, and a beautiful Cuban heel that has a height of 32mm. The Belgravia last toe box is a bit narrower, similar to our Monti last.

The Belgravia last is perfect for the gentleman who likes a bit of flavor in their last choices.


Here you'd find all our hand-welted last with a brief description on fit and aesthetic.

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