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 "The Best Money

You'll Ever Spend!"

Join the ranks of a selected few who all admit this!

Take a look at some of my case studies

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Your Shoes Needs To Fit Your Busy Lifestyle, Not The Other Way Around!

“I hate bending over to tie laces, I'm getting too old for that crap yes.”
“The faster the shoes can slip on, is better for me.” “Is there a #longhandledshoehorn I can use with that?”

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Cru Nonpareil

I get it, you’re an impatient guy, you got other things to do, and although what you put on your feet is important, comfort for you goes a bit deeper than just the fit.

But, goodyear welted shoes are also perfect for feet sensitivity. Between the insole and outsole is a cavity filled with a light-weight material called cork filling which acts as a cushioning for your feet protecting it from any impact that might trigger sensitivity.

The Final Results

Shoes for men in Trinidad and Tobago

Word on d' street

"The interaction with CRU has been one of the best customer service delivery experiences I have had globally in my lifetime. 
For such a small startup, if this is maintained it will eventually compete with large Global Brands. 

I have intimated to Kenwin that I would not be purchasing shoes from anyone else in the future and I have unhesitatingly recommended him to my closest friends and everyone else that is looking for the best quality shoe and that extraordinary service, and he also constantly reinvents himself."


“CRU “ is the brand of the now and of the future.

My best wishes to This young businessman as he heads to dominance of the “ SHOE SPACE.”

Joel Quamina
Manager of Guardian Life

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