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Welcome To My Statement Shoe!

Are Ready for a Special Design Yet?

Cru Nonpareil strives to create an accessible and transparent personal experience for Custom-made Goodyear Welt Shoe by combining modern technology with traditional shoemaking. 

The Virtual Design Program's purpose is to ensure the perfect fit, through self-measurement in partnership with our partners in Spain. The last will be adjusted based on your measurement and numbers relating to your feet. Our Program is a Made to Measure & Custom Design.

All shoes leaving the factory are Hand Clicked, Hand Painted, and Goodyear Welted with the highest skills and quality of the best Shoemakers and Artisans in Spain. 

Time To Design Your Statement Shoe!
 Make It A Tribute!

Knock It Out Of The Park!

Start Designing Virtually 
For The Perfect Fit & Design

Your feet have specific demands when it comes to feeling comfortable in a pair of shoes.

The Perfect Measurement™ will tell us exactly what they are and generate a numerical character profile of each foot.  

You need these numbers to get the perfect fit from the shoes of your dreams; knowing your numbers also saves you from having a pair of shoes that don't provide consistent comfort to both sides of your feet.

The Process

Book Your Design Session with Kenwin

The first step in the process is booking your virtual design with our founder. Once payment is made using the secured payment link an email will be sent, we will also discuss a date and time that best suits you. (Please ensure the email given as your billing address email is a valid one)

The Process

Take Your Measurements

Inspired by a personal measurement commission, the process of The Perfect Measurement starts with your foot measurements and tracing all recorded using the Traditional Method of Feet Measuring. Measurements are taken remotely by yourself (easier with the help of a family member or friend) following the instructions found here. Don't be overwhelmed it sounds like a lot at first but it is easier than it looks. Our founder Kenwin is always available and happy to assist you.

The Process

Design Your Shoes
Following The Perfect Measurement, is 'The perfect design': you get to design the shoe/s of your dreams from scratch with our founder Kenwin Small.
With four available Last to choose from, 30+ shoes and boots, and many more.

Your Shoes are Made

As soon as we have received your online payment in full, your design is confirmed and your feet measured. Our Partners in Spain at the factory will start manufacturing your shoes. Weekly updates will be sent via email informing you of the manufacturing progress of your order. A custom-made shoe/boot has a lead time of 4-5 weeks to be made and then shipped directly from our factory in Spain to your doorstep or office.

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 2.58.40 PM.png



This payment is to book our founder Kenwin and designing your shoes.

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 2.58.40 PM.png

It's time you design your statement shoe.


"The Perfect Measurement process was detailed yet simple and easy to use. The resulting fit gave a whole new experience to the comfort and style expected from a pair of shoes. The design process gave me the opportunity to design the shoe to my liking in every detail and Kenwin made it easy with an impressive outcome in terms of style and comfort. I would definitely recommend The Perfect Measurement since it eliminates all common issues faced with any shoe shopping experience."

Kieon O'Connor 
Radiologist at West Shore Medical

About The Delivery Process
When an order is shipped, it takes 3 days to be delivered for international clients and 1 week for Trinidad and Tobago clients.

Cru Nonpareil

Cru Nonpareil use DHL to deliver and track every order. Once your orders are received it goes through further packaging by Cru Nonpareil before it reaches your door steps.


Claims for damages to custom-made shoes are to be addressed via email first. The client will then be contacted within 48 hours following an investigation and based on the situation, a full refund or a discount will be given.

Please, retain ALL packaging as well as the damaged items which will be examined to decide whether compensation is required.

Please, do not hesitate to contact Cru Nonpareil

at to send your claim.


"A great experience with this company. I have a wide foot and I got a perfect fit with the Belgian loafers I ordered. Loafers are always difficult for a person with wide feet but not so with Crù Nonpareil. The shoes are great quality and I get compliments on them all the time. Highly recommended!


Carlon Haas
@the_shoe_enthusiast on Instagram

Making A Statement Starts Here!


*This cost is applied the final cost of your order moving forward.

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