For customizing shoes with the 3-D Tool

Cru Nonpareil® Custom-Made Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I customize every single aspect of a shoe or boot?

Yes, you can.

The customizing of a shoe or boot ranges from but isn't limited to the "shoe last" (Soigne, Zion, Marac), "vamp", "quarters", "back strip", "laces", "inner lining color" (you have up to 7 colors to choose from), "shoe sole"(outside 3 colors, bottom sole 9 colors and sole type 10 in total), "heel hight" (1 inch or 1.34 inch), "welt" (country, city), "material" (exotic leather, smooth leather, hand-painted patina, suede, linen, patent leather, sartorial, flannel, jeans, velvet) and "leather burnishing".

2. Are there limitations on shoe/boot styles I can customize?

No. Every Aspect of a Cru Nonpareil shoe can be customized to your personal taste, comfort and style

3. What are the limitations on mixing colors with materials?

Exotic Leathers such as alligator, crocodile, ostrich and python cannot be mixed with Smooth Leathers like calf skin leather, suede, sartorial, linen, velvet and patent or be burnished.

4. Will the color and material of the shoe or boot I receive look identical to the one displayed whilst I was customizing with the 3D tool?


The material and color will appear different on screen vs in person. This is why Cru Nonpareil uses material swatches during the customizing process to ensure the accurate rendering of colors and materials.

5. Can I return, cancel an order because I don't like it or because I changed my mind?

No you can't. Once payment of a shoe is made, all orders are final.

6. Why are measurements done on Saturday afternoons?

The best time to get the true size of your feet is after a few hours of standing or walking around.

Your full body weight has been distributed causing your feet to swell or expand, which is natural, but it's something most people take for granted when purchasing shoes because they don't know any better. So someone can easily buy a pair of shoes or even create a pair of shoes and it fits well under so-called normal circumstances until the circumstances are no longer normal and leave you wondering "what happened?" Well, simply put, you didn't factor in that you'll be doing a lot of walking around in these shoes.

So to prevent such an outcome I conduct all measurements in the afternoon on Satrudays!

7. What's the final cost of a pair of custom made shoes?

The final cost of a pair of custom-made shoes is to be determined upon the completion of the design

8. How long does it take to make a pair of shoes?

It takes an average of 4 weeks to manufacture a pair of shoes.

9. Does Cru Nonpareil deliver to anywhere around Trinidad?

Yes, Cru Nonpareil delivers to anywhere in Trinidad and Tobago.

10. Can I purchase a pair of pareil's if I'm outside Trinidad or Tobago?

I won't recommend you do, especially if you're part of dbig4 ( that means you have flat feet, broad feet, a high instep or abnormally long feet) because I won't be able to ensure perfect comfort for your feet.
I've had some overseas prospects try to hypothesize their numbers and it's extremely risky because you're not working with facts. It's also at the cost of my reputation should I take you on as a client knowing I'm not working with facts.