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Step One

Find a family member or friend and ask them to draw an outline of your feet as best as possible. Place a sheet of paper on the floor, step your

foot on it, and make sure you wear the socks you

would be using with the shoes you purchase. Draw on the paper the contour of your foot using
a pencil. 


Step Two

Draw 2 horizontal markings, one on the heel side and the second on the front end of the foot. Measure the length of the foot with a measuring tape or a ruler


Step Three

To measure the width of the foot, locate the widest part of it. Surrounding all the feet with a measuring tape, obtain the width of the foot. Remember to pay close attention to where the tap began to get the most accurate measurement. This is especially important if you have any foot issues like Bunions etc.

Man Writing

Step Four

Record your measurements, including the length and the width of your feet, and submit them via Email to or to cellphone number 18687506945 using Whatsapp or iMessage.

Note: If you have any issues with the measuring of your feet, please contact Kenwin, as he will be available to assist you via video confrencing.

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