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Cru Nonpareil - "A cru of Gentlemen having no match; unrivaled and one who has a recognized quality"
 "We want men with broad, or abnormally long feet to have comfortable and stylish dress shoes to wear no matter the occasion."
"At Cru Nonpareil, we understand that every man desires respect and recognition. That's why we believe in curating the perfect footwear collection that goes beyond the ordinary. Say goodbye to being told to 'wear the shoe box' and embrace the power of dressing properly for every occasion."
"Handcrafted shoes are meticulously crafted by skilled artisans in Spain, China, and Indonesia using the finest materials from England, Italy, France, and Japan ensuring a level of quality that is unmatched in the shoe industry." 
Lasted Loafer Shoes.jpg
Hand Lasting of Uppers
After cutting and stitching the uppers, the shoemaker/bootmaker at workshop then molds and last the inner lining and leather uppers by hand to mold over existing last. This gives the shoes its shape, and increase comfort when being worn.
Hand Welting 
During the Handwelt stage of making our shoes, the shoemaker attaches a strip of leather called the welt to the upper and sole of the shoe. They do this by sewing it together by hand using special techniques. This step is essential because it gives the shoe its shape and durability. 
Our shoemaker carefully does this with meticulous skill and patience to make sure the welt is stitched on evenly and securely. It is a time-consuming process that shows the craftsmanship of the shoemaker.
Hand welting in Process.jpg
machine stitching 2.jpg
Hand Stitching 
At the workshop, our shoemaker sews each stitch by hand. It's precise and adds artistry to the shoe. Hand stitching makes the shoe strong and long-lasting. This feature is by request only and increases the lead time of our shoes by 1-2 weeks.
Machine Stitching
At the workshop, our shoemaker also sews the sole of our shoes using a state of the art machine. It's fast and creates consistent stitches. Artistry is not the same however,  it makes the shoes durable and high quality. 

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