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  • 1. Why custom-made dress shoes?
    The frustration my clients feel are assosiated with a lack of comfort and by extension variety in their dress shoe choices locally that causes them to look outside Trinidad and Tobago for alternatives. The problem is that they are searching for these alternatives amongst ready to wear shoes without realizing that most of the shoes Trinidad and Tobago imports comes from outside. Therefore, they're only going to meet the same sitaution shopping outside of Trinidad and Tobago. What i'm trying to help those people understand is that they are different because of the structure of their feet and as a result ready to wear will never give them what they are looking for.
  • 2. What is an average Joe?
    An average Joe is a man who's feet range between 7-11 in size. These are the men who can easily walk into just about any store and find comfort and variety in the shoes he likes.
  • 3. The shoe shopping experience
    For men with specific limitations on what it considered comfortable when wearing a pair of dress shoes, they need to renew their thinking when it comes to the world they shop in. It's not for them, and by recognizing and accepting this fact they'll start to look for more authentic alternatives. It isn't the store owner's fault or the store clerk's fault that you didn't get the right fit or the style you wanted. They are going after a certain type of clientele which isn't you. What you need to do is find whose facilitating your needs and shop there!
  • 4. Why is the design process set up the way it is?
    Style comes second to those I serve, as a client of mine explictily said "Even if I liked a pair of shoes my first thought is do you have my size and if it's even comfortable." Therefore, my main objective is to ensure that total comfort is acheived first before the fun stuff: the designing of the shoes. That's why The Perfect Measurment is the first step to designing any dress shoes my clients have their heart set on creating.
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