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11 with 'D' CRU

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Unveiling the untold stories of Our Custom-made shoes - Our Clients Share Their Journey working with Cru Nonpareil with 11 with 'D' CRU.

Conrad wearing the Avocat Boot from Cru Nonpareil

For the Love of Local Fashion!

Welcome to our first blog post, where our founder, Kenwin Small, has a one-on-one conversation with our clients. There was no better way to start this new journey without Conrad Paris, a vivid supporter of all things local and fashion. Conrad sees himself as exploring his love for fashion and how it can boost the esteem of his compatriots.

Conrad showing support for Trinidad and Tobago designers. The Avocat Boot from Cru Nonpareil completes the look.

"Fantastic! They're real works of art, and I feel like I'm a work of art too!"

Who is Conrad?

Conrad Parris has been involved in the media as an actor, broadcaster, voice talent, copywriter, and presenter for almost three decades. Of late, he's been exploring his love of fashion and how it can help his compatriots boost their esteem.

What made you search for custom-made dress shoes/boots?

Conrad has long been pro-local regarding fashion and celebrating local artisans and designers. When he started Hamil's - a company dedicated to promoting locally made fashion and lifestyle products and services for men. He set out to let fellas know that everything they need to feel good can be accessed here in Trinidad and Tobago. But then the question arose, "Does anyone do custom-made shoes locally?" Conrad can't remember exactly how he came across Cru Nonpareil, but he's glad he did. Conrad said, "I'll ensure that other men get familiar."

Have you had any difficulties finding well-fitting dress shoes in the past? If so, can you share any specific challenges you've faced?

I don't typically encounter problems with fit when it comes to shoes, other than my size running out before I get to the store.

What are some of the benefits you've experienced by wearing custom-made boots tailored for your feet?

The idea of the custom-made experience is very appealing to me. Knowing that this particular item is made specifically for me seems like an indulgence at the outset. This is until you entertain the idea that you're helping your community. You're contributing to the local economy and the confidence of the provider - someone who lives in the same space as you, who knows what can work as no foreigner can. Plus, you get to play a significant role in creating your look as you settle for something you saw on someone else somewhere that has nothing to do with you. I think that polishes the pride I feel in wearing Custom-made boots.

Conrad wearing the Avocat Boot in Beige Nubuck Leather from Cru Nonpareil

"As someone into boots, I can tell you that CRU's boots are versatile."

How does it feel to finally have a boot that fits well and reflects your personal style and preferences?

Fantastic. They're real works of art, and I feel like I'm a work of art too.

Can you share any memorable experiences or compliments you've received while wearing our custom-made Avocat Boots?

I recently rocked my first pair of CRUs to a function where I served as a presenter. People remarked on the coordination of the whole outfit, mainly how elements of the shoe design reflected in the entire kit—more motivation to fly the local design flag.

How do you think having access to custom-made dress shoes has positively impacted your confidence or overall image?

Wearing these boots reminds me that I'm fulfilling Hamil's mission of spreading the good news that men can access high-quality locally made fashion products at home. That's a big deal for me.

Can you describe any specific features or design elements that you appreciate about our custom-made Avocat Boot?

Apart from seeing my design come to life, the comfort of both pairs of boots is unrivaled. They could feel a little weighty in your hands - a testament to the sturdiness. But on your feet? Clouds. They put a little extra bounce in my stride!

What occasions or events do you feel the "Avocat" are particularly well-suited for?

As someone into boots, I can tell you that CRU's boots are versatile. Whether it's a wedding, a fete, a lime, or even at the office, you can dress them up, down, or across.

How would you describe the overall quality and durability compared to other brands you've tried?

I always look at the construction of a boot and try to imagine how much longevity it has. Most times, I'd think that other boots may require restitching or a resole much sooner than I'd like to. But the Avocat boots have me thinking they could outlast me.

Is there anything else you want to share with others looking for custom-made dress shoes for men with more extensive feet?

It isn't lost on me how the economy is set up currently, which is why we need to invest in ourselves individually and collectively. Sure, you can go to a store or online and get a pair of shoes that look good and fit you for a reasonable price. That's money going out into the ether, though, with no guarantee that you'll get the quality you seek. Purchasing bespoke/custom-made may cost more and take longer to get to you, but you end up paying for fewer trips to the store, the shipper, the cobbler, and everything else. You get exactly what you dreamed of since you helped design it. How can you beat that feeling?

"Wrapping Things Up"

This concludes my short interview with Conrad Paris.

It was a great relief that I could sit opposite my client and find out all about the process at Cru, what feeling or desire we enact when he's wearing our most, and most importantly, how satisfied he may be with our boots.

I will cover a few more client interviews and share photos of them wearing Cru Nonpareil shoes/boots.

Finally, I hope you enjoyed this article.

Have a wonderful rest of the week, and I will see you in the next one!

Thank you for reading,

Kenwin Small, Cru Nonpareil

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