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shoes for men in trinidad and tobago

 "The Best Money
You'll Ever Spend!"

Join the ranks of a selected few who all admit this!

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Sometimes, The Shoes We Love

Aren't Designed To Love Us Back!

Lamani has a slightly high instep, loves wearing loafers, but experience pains
across his instep whenever he wears them.

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Shoes for men in Trinidad and Tobago

Why force the issue? It’s not like your insteps are going to lower or the material used to build the shoes suddenly change. So, you’re actually supporting unnecessary blistering and pain that can be a thing of the past if the shoe is made out of materials that is flexible and light enough to prevent blistering, and arch support built in to stop the pain experienced across the insteps.

The Final Results

Shoes for men in Trinidad and Tobago

Word on d' street

"Finding shoes to fit my feet can be difficult at times. Especially with dress shoes. The process at Cru nonpareil helped me choose the perfect fit . The level of care and professionalism was very high and the ability to sit and design the shoes was even better. Even after wearing the shoes after a while it had the same comfort as when I just put it on. The quality of service and product that I've received, I will forever go back to them. Excellent quality all around."


Lamani Clarke


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